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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

bronzED Again

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Welcome to bronzED Again. I have created this blog to share my poetry and fiction and welcome you to visit a while.

My newest poem, "Real Dragons", appears on the Fiction and Poetry Page 1 and my surreal short story, "The Adjustment", appears on Page 2. I hope you will look them over.

My short story, "1950", appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine in 2014 year and I invite you to visit them and have a look.  The link for "1950" is shown in the column to the right. Please also check out my Good Reads page as may regard two of my other stories that have been published recently. Please click on the "river" icon to read "Low River Home", my story, as it appeared in Digital Papercut.
Please contact me at for more information about my creative writing and upcoming projects.

Here are snapshots of some of the journals and anthologies my work has appeared in over the years:

Dark Eclipse 29                                               

eee spring 2014 cover
Polychrome Ink Volume III                                                                

OVERRULED!: A themed anthology 2013 
Rough Places Plain



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Biographical Notes

Edward Palumbo is a graduate of the University of Rhode 
Island,earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English in 1982. When in
college, Ed’s fiction, poetry, and comic shorts appeared in 
university publications including The Great Swamp Gazette and 
The Good Five Cent Cigar.

Ed is a prize winning poet, garnering First Prize in the Poet’s Page’s Second Annual Poetry Contest, (1998 - for his poem “SHELLS” ). His poetry, fiction, essays, anecdotes and commentaries have appeared in numerous periodicals, journals, e-journals and anthologies including Rough Places Plain, Flush Fiction, Tertulia Magazine, Reader’s Digest,, Ancient Paths,, Epiphany Magazine, the website of The Gherson-Lehrman Group and many others.

Recent  and “soon to come” publication credits are as follows:
Ed’s poem “Sometimes You See the Cracks” appeared in the Winter 2012 edition of Dark Matter. In the summer of 2013, Ed’s short story, “An Encounter on Benefit Street”, appeared in the anthology, OVERRULED!, as published by Creative Writing Institute. In the late summer of 2013, Ed’s short story, “Sorry We Missed You”, appeared in the magazine, Transfusion, as published by Bleeding Heart Publications. In December of 2013, Ed’s short story, “What You Wish For”, appeared in the e-Magazine, Dark Eclipse / Issue 29. In December of 2013, Ed’s short story, “Change” appeared in The Binnacle’s Tenth Annual Ultra Short Anthology.

In January of 2014, Ed’s poem, “Sword”, appeared in The Muse, Volume 3, Issue 2. Ed’s poem, “Hub”, appeared in Pudding Magazine’s “Cities” edition in the Spring of 2014. Ed’s short story, “The Misting”,  appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of pacificREVIEW!. Ed’s short story, “1950”, appeared in the March 2014 edition of Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

Ed’s poem, “THE WOODS”, appeared in Referential Magazine in 2014. Ed’s 10 minute play, “A Penguin for Dinner”, won fifth prize honors in Bellarmine University’s Third Festival of New 10 Minute Plays Competition, as announced in March of 2014. 

Ed’s poem, “bronzed until the moon”,  appeared in Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal’s Inaugural Issue in May of 2014. Ed’s dystopian short story, “Low River Home”, appeared in Digital Papercut, Volume 1, Issue 1. (World Pool Press - August of 2014) On June 30, 2014, Ed’s micro fiction piece, “Venus”, appeared
in Microfiction Monday Magazine. Ed’s short story, “Pieces”, appeared in Volume 1, Issue 1 of Phenomenal Literature in 

Ed’s short story, “The Plot Device”, won second prize honors in the
Loudon County Public Library’s 2014 Write On Contest. Ed's short
story, "Outside Farmington", appears in the Winter 2014 Issue of
Dark Corners, as published by Dark Corners Pulp. Ed's short story,
"The Meanest Capacity", appears in the 2015 anthology, Stories in the Future Tense, as published by Word Branch Publishing. Ed's short story, "Book", has been formally selected by East End Elements for use in an upcoming issue, 2015.

In August of 2015, Ed's 10 Minute Play, "Harry", was produced by
Studio Players in their 2nd annual ten minute play festival. In
January of 2016, Ed's short story, "The Norwegian Wooden Man", appeared in Gravel magazine. Ed's short story, "Desol 8", appeared in the 2016 anthology, Keystone Chronicles, as published by Third Flatiron Publishing. Also in 2016, Ed's short story, "Quest for Mira", appeared in Litbreak. In March of 2016, Ed's short story,
Joanna, and How I Know You Murdered Her and Don't Say it Wasn't You Because We Both Know that it Was", appeared in Mad

Scientist Journal. In the Fall of 2016, Ed's poem, "To Rebecca", appeared in Mercurian Noodle. Ed’s comic flash, “Afraid at Night (And Some Afternoons)”, was published on SEIZURE, an Australian literary website, in June of 2017, within the Flashers fiction project. In August of 2017, Ed’s short story, “The Exchanger”, was featured in Issue #19 of Underground, as compiled by Underground Writers. Ed's story, "The Wandering Nun”, was presented in the October 2017 issue of  The Sirens Call. Ed’s short story, “Search for Bread”, has been purchased by Mystery Weekly Magazine for use in an upcoming issue in 2017-2018.Ed's short story, "And Came the Demon", is currently appearing in the EZINE Feed Your Monster.

In March of 2018, Ed’s short story, “The Found Ball”, appeared in “Wonderful Golf Stories: Entertaining Stories from Golfwell’s International Story Competition”. Ed’s story, “The Basement”, will appear in a 2018 edition of Drabbledark.